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Education Overview

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Click To DownloadImproving opportunities for credit professionals through education and professional designations.

Credit Management is a difficult profession to learn through formal education, especially since little management courses are offered as part of the typical college curriculum and almost no commercial credit classes are available elsewhere.  To meet this vital need for professional credit training, Pacific Southwest Credit Association offers its members a wide variety of education resources.

Find out the latest information about Credit Administration Program (CAP) classes. 

Click To DownloadClass and course materials are approved through the National Association of Credit Management, which is the official repository for records on professional education in credit, and finance administration.  In addition, NACM grants accreditation for courses in Credit Management.

Professional Designations Signal Career Attitudes.

Start the NACM Roadmap today and earn your designation.

The Professional Designations are:

    CBA (Credit Business Associate)

Click To DownloadSuccessful completion of CAP, a Convention  Certificate Session or the Self-Study method and a written exam are necessary to earn this designation. 

The CBA is an academic-based designation, which signals mastery of three business-credit-related disciplines: basic financial accounting, business credit principles and financial statement analysis.

CBF (Credit Business Fellow)

The CBF is an academic and participation based designation that affirms achievers are knowledgeable about and have contributed to the field of business credit by first having earned the CBA designation as well as having completed additional course work.  The CBF signals competence in intermediate financial analysis and business and credit law.  CBF designation applicants but have accumulated 75 Career Roadmap Points.

    CCE (Certified Credit Executive)

Click To DownloadThe CCE (Certified Credit Executive) is NACM’s highest designation that endorses its achievers as capable of managing the credit function at an executive level.  Candidates must pass a rigorous exam that test application skills in the areas of accounting, finance, domestic and international credit concepts, management and law.  CCEs are required to re-certify every three years, further endorsing their commitment to continuing education, self-improvement and advancement of the business credit profession.  CCEs are exempt from re-certifying once they have reached 60 years of age or age 55 and retired from the credit field. 

CCEs must have a minimum of 10 years in the credit field and show evidence of 125 Career Roadmap Points or alternatively have earned the CBA and CBF designations and have earned 125 Career Roadmap Points.

Second Year GSCFM Students may also take the CCE exam upon successful completion of the graduate school.

Other career options are available through the National Association of Credit Management.  You automatically become a member of NACM when joining Pacific Southwest Credit Association.


Timely seminars on key topics are available regularly through Pacific Southwest Credit Association.  Additionally, members may participate in monthly teleconferenced seminars presented through the National Association of Credit Management.

For Personal and Professional Development we recommend CFDD: 

  What is CFDD? 

          A professional organization

          A place to learn

          A networking group

          A place of refuge

          Friends helping friends

The obvious answer is CFDD (Credit and Financial Development Division of NACM, San Diego Chapter)  is all of these things and more. Unless you are able to attend the NACM Credit Congress or regional meetings, the networking opportunities you will find at CFDD can not be matched for diversity of industry or people.

CFDD is made up of credit and financial professionals of the business community. We are also honored to have representatives of the legal community as members. Through our educational seminars on a wide variety of subjects, we are able to provide our membership with educational experience that could take years to develop if an individual had to do it on their own. CFDD, through our local sponsor Pacific Southwest Credit  Association, provides seminars on mechanics liens, collection techniques, doing business with marginal accounts, the legal process, and many more topics. The local CFDD Chapter adds to this by providing motivational and educational speakers each month on the third Thursday evening.

CFDD is a self-supporting organization whose primary purpose is to educate, secondary to provide scholarships to seminars, CAP, ACAP, Golden West Credit Conference and the NACM National Credit Congress.